Growth unBounded

Katherine Reiss is a runner up in this term’s Creative Competition on the theme ‘Boundary’ for her poem, ‘Growth unBounded’.

Growth unBounded
What trees are these, I’ll never know;
Regardless though, they’ll have to go.
For trees cover buried fruit,
With roots that cease never to grow.
Oh! It pains me to see,
The loss of my beloved green.
But how was I to know;
We were living in a dream.
Now high tides and red landslides,
Demarcate out fate.
But why oh why blame I?
I did not legis(late).
Too late, the damage done.
Nowhere to hide (though free to run).
On horizon, foggy sun,
Exposing all the fun-
Cough it up they say now,
Then you’ll feel better;
But my madness came not from a cow,
Rather presidential letter.
Easier said than done.
For what’s done is done,
Done! Done! Done…