Ascension to Consciousness

Irene Trung is a runner up in this term’s Creative Competition on the theme ‘Boundary’ for her poem, ‘Ascension to Consciousness’.

Ascension to Consciousness
What is the brilliant star I grasp for?
Always shines in mystery ether.
Makes us first dimension earthlings philosophical.
A child sleeps and sojourns to
the silent, intelligent sea of bubbles.
A peaceful void after the last breath permeates
the seemingly infinite spherical universes in
the ocean of God.
Goodbye, constraints of time and space on dense Earth.
A realm of psychic clairvoyance,
this dimension of reality lifts the veil of consciousness to
all history, present, and probable futures.
On higher ascension
life energy and direction of free will bolt across
bubble universes and
leave their print.
A prayer group glows
on a little blue planet light years away from
Polaris, among an intelligent pattern of stars and galaxies
in a moment of now.
From the cerulean planet of first dimensional growth
a wish from the heart, joy of laughter, and music from within
a soul spill to the next universe.