Women in STEM – Pioneers Past and Present

Anyone studying a science at university will have sat in many lectures where the slides of historical background contain seemingly endless photographs of affluent white men. The efforts of women in science are often overlooked due to unequal opportunities in the workplace, and lack of recognition of their achievements by the scientific community. Despite this,…

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The Contingency of Brain Health on Exercise

Using the power of choice and flexibility of neural connections to achieve well-being, lesson from Dr. Korb By Irene Trung   The tuning of neural circuits depends on the genetics of the individual, childhood, and current experiences.  Although we cannot select our genes and may have little control over our early experiences, we still have…

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Bringing Mental Health Support into the 21st Century

A year ago, I found an advert sent out by the University’s volunteering hub to work on an innovative new app called “Self-Heal”. Having won funding from the Oxford IT innovation challenge, a group of students had recently developed the app, with input from clinicians, as a toolkit for students to manage self-injury. It covers…

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