COVID-19 vaccination causes robust immune response, according to new report

Tom Leslie A joint university study backs up the idea of giving single vaccine doses to those who are most at risk. The University of Oxford, in partnership with the universities of Liverpool, Sheffield, Cambridge, Newcastle, and Birmingham, has conducted a study, referred to as PITCH (Protective Immunity from T-cells in Healthcare Workers), on a…

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Human genome editing is here—and you’re right to be wary.

Frederico Caso Human genome engineering has long sounded like a concept out of a Sci-Fi movie; believed to be possible sometime soon, but difficult to imagine happening right now.  While engineering of the human genome might appear an implausible feat, over the last 20 years technological advancements have  been turning this concept into a concrete reality….

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The War Against Cancer – Are Our Bodies Our Own Greatest Weapons?

Over the last few decades, our treatment of cancer has been revolutionised. The field has been transformed by a focus on ‘personalised medicine’ which involves treating patients’ individual cases rather than grouping them together. It is universally recognised that there is no single cure for cancer, and increasing evidence suggests that there is not a…

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