COVID-19 vaccination causes robust immune response, according to new report

Tom Leslie A joint university study backs up the idea of giving single vaccine doses to those who are most at risk. The University of Oxford, in partnership with the universities of Liverpool, Sheffield, Cambridge, Newcastle, and Birmingham, has conducted a study, referred to as PITCH (Protective Immunity from T-cells in Healthcare Workers), on a…

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Crowdless—an Oxford student’s start-up at the forefront of COVID-19 fight

The Oxford Foundry was established in 2017 by the University’s Said Business School as a space for developing a new generation of business ventures. The Foundry provides a springboard platform for start-up businesses founded by members of the University, with dedicated office space in central Oxford and support for early-stage ventures which show promise. One…

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Oxford High street

Coronavirus-imposed monasticism: Does Coronavirus make us more Religious?

From that pre-social-distancing era, one might recall surveys that ask about occupation, gender, and perhaps “Are you religious?”. So you quickly jot down your responses, but hesitate on the last question. Perhaps you enjoy religious celebrations a few times a year, so you tick “Yes”, and get back to emptying your wallet on Steam. But…

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A new way of working: why we should consider flexible working post-COVID-19, for the sake of the environment

Climate change poses a serious long-term threat to our planet and lives. It is often quoted that reducing travel and switching to a more plant-based diet are the two factors one can change in their personal life to have the greatest reduction in their carbon footprint, benefitting the environment. We have all faced changes to…

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