SciWrite: Science Communication Challenge

Biochemistry Science Communication Competition

‘The Unexpected Face of Biochemistry: Exploring Hidden Connections

The Oxford Scientist, in partnership with the Biochemical Society, invites all University of Oxford students to partake in a popular science article writing competition.

We encourage students from all disciplines and levels of study to submit their work. Whether you’re an undergraduate or a postgraduate, your perspective is valuable in shedding light on the hidden aspects of biochemistry. This is an opportunity to express your creativity and communicate complex scientific concepts in an approachable manner to a broad audience. Winning articles will be published in the upcoming print magazine.

Submission deadline: 16 November, 2023. Submissions open: 16 October.

Submission Guidelines

  • Articles must focus on the topic The Unexpected Face of Biochemistry: Exploring Hidden Connections.
  • Between 1200-1800 words.
  • Original work.
  • Bibliography not required, but in-text references encouraged.
  • No images or illustrations allowed in submissions.

Please submit your article below.

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