Chalk Talks

Coming soon in September…

5 minute bitesize talks by Oxford scientists with the aid of only a board and chalk (okay maybe these are extinct now)!

Do you want to learn about something refreshingly unrelated to your subject of study (YES)? Do you have a passion for your work (hopefully yes)?

We want to break cross-disciplinary boundaries and bridge the gap between undergraduates and postgraduates to encourage science communication. We would like to invite undergraduates, Masters’ students, PhD students, postdocs across science departments to talk about a part of their project in 5 mins for a general audience, with a 10 min post talk period for informal Q&A. The Chalk Talks would last 30-45 mins, with up to 3 talkers. This short time commitment is aimed for the busy researchers and students that we are, who are enthusiastic about getting involved without the time pressure.

You don’t need to have a fully prepared talk, make it more like a conversation to explain what you do to non-experts. Be it a long-term research project or a short project you have been involved with. So, regardless of your level of experience or area of research, if you have some science to talk about with other science enthusiasts, we want to hear from you!

Details on locations of the talks every fortnight will be updated, so stay tuned!

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