The link between body and mind can’t keep being ignored – Oxbridge Varsity Sci Symposium

Talk summary by Barbara Walkowiak Current diagnostic criteria that guide doctors through the complexities of the human body may often feel like checklists. If a doctor can tick enough boxes for the patient, the diagnosis is straightforward. For example, a patient may experience low mood persisting for longer than two weeks, trouble sleeping, weight imbalance…

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Green Algorithms: Quantifying the Carbon Impact of Computations- Oxbridge Varsity Sci Symposium

Talk summary by Gemma Penson Climate change is one of the most critical emergencies humankind and our planet face on a daily basis. Amidst the current pandemic, the situation is not getting any better, with  a severe reduction in recycling and mass production of disposable masks. For anyone determined to reduce their environmental damage and…

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