The deep, dark secret of the algal chloroplast- Oxbridge Varsity Sci Symposium

Talk Summary by Barbara Walkowiak The basics of photosynthesis, or why getting your own food is always challenging In times of climate change and rising global population, sustainable and efficient food production is of vital importance. The secret to improving crop yields may lie in the algal chloroplast, as powerfully described by Ella Catherall in…

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Green Algorithms: Quantifying the Carbon Impact of Computations- Oxbridge Varsity Sci Symposium

Talk summary by Gemma Penson Climate change is one of the most critical emergencies humankind and our planet face on a daily basis. Amidst the current pandemic, the situation is not getting any better, with  a severe reduction in recycling and mass production of disposable masks. For anyone determined to reduce their environmental damage and…

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