Big trouble for little plankton: New studies report on the oceanic effects of climate change

By Natalie Stevenson A recent study highlights the vulnerability of ocean ecosystems to the effects of climate change. Over the past few years, the impact that humans have had on the planet has been at the forefront of public attention—we have seen record-breaking wildfires, droughts, flooding, and storms globally—and we are very much aware that…

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Small but smart: the fascinating world of plankton

By Albini Dania From the food we eat to the air we breathe, plankton help maintain and produce life on Earth.  What is plankton? The word ‘plankton’ derives from the Greek “planktos” (πλαγχτος), which in turn comes from the Greek verb “plazo” (πλαζω) meaning to “drift” or “wander” and is used to describe tiny plants…

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