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‘Publish or perish’ versus scientific collaboration in medical research

The COVID-19 pandemic thrust medical research into the global spotlight. It bridged established disconnects between scientists and the public, between science and industry, and within the scientific community itself. It demonstrated the power of researchers working collaboratively towards a common goal. And yet, the pandemic also fostered unprecedented levels of scientific competition.

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Collaboration: Reforming Research

Most researchers’ response to the word ‘collaboration’ is overwhelmingly positive. Many of the most influential scientific breakthroughs that have gone on to shape today’s scientific landscape have been the product of collaborations: Gates and Allen, the Wright brothers, and Watson, Crick and Franklin, to name a few. The global value of collaboration can be seen…

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Dunn School of Pathology Art Competition – a review.

Since 2014, The Sir William Dunn School of Pathology and the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art have run a collaborative competition which aims to draw together the fields of the arts and the sciences. Mihaela Man and Olivia Williamson won the 2019 competition with a two-part piece which has been installed in the…

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Opportunities for collaboration between civil society organisations and researchers

Image created by Berdea [CC BY-SA 3.0 (] (Wikipedia Creative Commons licence) To students, collaboration is far from a foreign concept. On a personal scale, whether it is group work at school or taking part in team sports, we instinctively recognise how strengths of different individuals can complement one another. Similarly, large scale multi-sectorial collaborations…

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