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The Oxford Scientist Schools’ Science Writing Competition

Upcoming competition will be released in January

The Summer term competition below has been completed. Marking and results will be announced.

Choose ONE of the two questions for this term’s competition:

“How has Covid-19 changed public perception of Science?”


“Climate change: Science and Solutions”

Feel free to explore any relevant ideas about positive and/or negative changes to the public’s perception of science. For the second topic, you can pick advances that have been made and/or future scientific solutions that can contribute to tackling climate change. Both titles will be marked equally and judged in the same format. Please see below for the details.

The word limit for articles is 700 words and you must be a school, college or sixth form student in Year 13, 12, 11 or 10 (or equivalent*) in the UK. The deadline for submitting your article is midnight on Wednesday 20th July 2022. Please click on the link below to access the google form where you can submit your article.

We are really interested to hear your ideas and originality, but please make sure that they are relevant to the question! Articles will be judged by our panel of experts. Please take note that your submissions will be assessed on relevance to the question, quality of scientific analysis, originality, writing style and grammar, interest to a general audience, and factual accuracy. You should try to write at a level that would be simple enough for someone who has an interest in science but isn’t an expert on the topic you are writing about.

The winning article will receive a £50 Amazon voucher and will be published online and in our termly magazine. The runners-up will have their articles featured on our website. This is a fantastic opportunity to write about science beyond the scope of your school studies and is also a great thing to mention in university personal statements. There will also be an online meeting to provide in detail feedback directly from the judges of the competition. We would strongly encourage you to enter even if you have never taken part in a science writing competition before!

We also recommend that you read our FAQs before you start writing your article. If you have any further questions about the competition, please email [email protected]

*(Year 14, 13, 12, 11 in Northern Ireland and S3, S4, S5, S6 in Scotland)

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Update on The Oxford Scientist Schools’ Science Writing Competition Trinity Term 2021

The articles from the Trinity Term 2021 competition are currently being marked and winners will be announced soon!